Shameless Plug: You Listen, You Really Listen!

All your base are belong to us

TheHumanSquad has been watching you like big brother, except not so creepy. We use S3Stat to track downloads and page views of our podcast and website. It gives us lots of cool informations about what’s popular and what you like (about us.) For example I was able to see that we have 1 listener in Romania… enjoy the show comrade?  We also learned that contrary to popular belief, we have more than just 5 listeners. Nay, we infact have at least one solid buttload of humans who tune in regularly. Thanks, humans.

You can get S3Stat for your site too and its free for 30 days. Or you can continue not having a web site and just listen to our podcast filled with sometimes funny, often scary, mostly absurd content.

Thanks S3Stat fairies. Because of you we know people don’t completely hate us.


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